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Milk kefir and beetroot salad dressing

Milk kefir and beetroot dressing. Delicious over a freshly made salad. It’s super easy to make and the proportions can be varied to suit you personal taste. I generally use a ratio of 2/3 beetroot to 1/3 milk kefir. Blend your beetroot until it is liquefied You can add some fruit juice to add the required […]

Kefir and beetroot salad dressing

This is a delicious creamy dressing without the calories.Ingredients: #kefirmilk #beetroot #waterkefirgrains #garlic red #onion (optional) some evaporated cane juice and salt & pepper to taste and a blender (bullet or similar)How to make it…It’s very simple and quick. Firstly chop about 1/4 – 1/2 an onion, 1 medium fresh beet and 2-4 cloves of […]