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We’re glad you are here and are interested in finding out about the benefits of consuming fermented foods and organic kefir grains that offer amazing health benefits to almost anyone who chooses to make them a part of their health regime. Our organic kefir grains (water and milk) are part of this amazing probiotic and beneficial yeast containing food group.

Kefir grains have been around for centuries and are found all over the globe in one form or another. They have offered people over generations the delicious and health promoting qualities of both water and milk kefir never again having the need for expensive unhealthy sugary sodas or costly yogurts again. Not only are they delicious in their natural state but can be flavoured with almost anything you can think of to suit anyone’s taste buds.

So, whilst enjoying these great foods in whatever form that are providing you with the most amazing health benefits. Kefir products made at home are convenient to make, relatively inexpensive and provide you with a fresh, preservative free product that packs much more of a health bunch then commercially produced kefir products. It also offers a much larger variety of beneficial probiotic bacteria and yeasts then those that are mass-produced containing upwards of 40-60 strains which produce trillions of micro-flora per serving.

Organic kefir grains are very easy to culture and if cared for will continue to reward you with delicious & health enhancing foods that are also very versatile and can be used in recipes and cooking and in combination with other foods. All you need is are fresh or dehydrated grains and sugar, some dried or fresh fruits to make water kefir and milk to make milk kefir. It is an amazing way to get your kids involved in the kitchen and to see their grains grow while producing their own food whilst providing the entire family including your pets with an amazing immune-boosting living food that is also very economical to make.

We choose to feed our organic kefir grains daily with organic sugars, molasses and fruits for the water kefir and organic whole or light milk for our milk kefir grains. We have learned with research and experience that mixing things up and diversifying is beneficial to keep our cultures strong and active and producing the most health giving probiotic possible. To achieve this, we have sourced kefir grains from around the globe ensuring that our grains are robust, diversified, healthy and strong. We ensure their health by living in an environment that uses only organic, natural and non-chemically based cleaners and grains are handled with great care using culture friendly equipment such as glass, stainless steel and PBA-free plastics.

  • 5 Star Review  Professional packaging, fresh as daisys milk grains, woke up straight away to culture a great kefir. Healthiest grains in Australia as far as I'm concerned. Thank you Kefir Culture

    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (1 Teaspoon) Image
    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (1 Teaspoon)
    31 July, 2022

    5 Star Review  Excellent service and instructions on how to get started.

    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (1 Teaspoon) Image
    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (1 Teaspoon)
    27 June, 2022

    5 Star Review  After destroying my previous healthy water kefir culture by dropping/smashing the container, I purchased a new culture recently. Within 2days I had activated the new culture and have returned to full production within 4 days. This is a great product and by feeding the culture correctly, I’m very happy that my new culture is thriving. Great service, Great advice!! Many thanks.

    Organic Water Kefir Fresh (1 Tablespoon) Image
    Organic Water Kefir Fresh (1 Tablespoon)
    thumbPeter R.
    20 June, 2022
  • 5 Star Review  Thanks Uta for the milk kefir grains which were professionally packaged and delivered. We are very pleased with the product which is thriving.

    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (2 Teaspoons) Image
    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (2 Teaspoons)
    14 June, 2022
    13 June, 2022

    5 Star Review  My shipment of kefir grains got lost in transit and i never received them. I contacted Uta (the business owner) who offered to replace them for free, and she added more for good measure plus a free strainer. The icing on the cake was the two tasting pouches, one containing a first fermentation kefir, the second pouch containing a second fermentation kefir (2-days fermentation) so we could see which we prefer (the 2-days fermentation). The result was delicious and healthy kefir that never runs out. Thanks, Uta!

    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (4 Teaspoons) Image
    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (4 Teaspoons)
    9 June, 2022
  • 5 Star Review  Fast delivery and good communication

    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (4 Teaspoons) Image
    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (4 Teaspoons)
    thumbAlesandro S.
    30 April, 2022

    5 Star Review  A couple of weeks ago I purchased kefir grains from Uta at Kefirculture.com for myself and 3 friends.
    All is going well.
    A couple of the girls have been quite adventurous and had good results.
    My grains are doing fine and I am enjoying kefir milk daily.
    And the cloth and fastener are a great bonus.

    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (4 Teaspoons) Image
    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (4 Teaspoons)
    thumbMargaret Leslie
    1 April, 2022

    5 Star Review  Bought back in 2020 and still making yummy milk kefir (and also sourdough bread!). The taste is a little stronger than I was used to, having started off with kefir powders, but have gotten used to it.

    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (1 Teaspoon) Image
    Organic Milk Kefir Fresh (1 Teaspoon)
    21 March, 2022