Benefits of eating fermented foods and kombucha with your meal

What are the benefits of eating fermented foods and kombucha with your meal?

Most of us have heard the phrases such as ‘You are what you eat’, and whilst they seem cliche there is much wisdom to be found in many of these sayings.

Different Colours for Variety in Nutrients

Getting a good variety of colour on your plate with each meal is an excellent way to ensure your are consuming a range of nutrients. As many vegetables and fruits also contains a considerable about of beneficial fiber, both soluble and insoluble, consider eating some fermented foods with each meal and also add some kombucha.

The digestive enzymes found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut or kim chi assists the body to process and absorb these nutrients more effectively.

When our bodies get the right nutrients and the cells are functioning at their optimum we also feel less hungry.

Effective digestion is something we should all aim for as it has the potential to compound the benefits for the entire body.

Uta Heidelauf
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Aha nice!


Just a question. My partner is alcohol intolerant. What types of kefir/kombucha are lower in alcohol and how can we tell? I have read that kombucha alcohol levels can exceed 3% for home brewers.

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