Big water kefir – how large is yours?

Do you have big water kefir? How large should it be? Well, that depends. Cooler weather seems to encourage the culture to cling together and grow much larger grain structures. In warmer weather the grains like their personal space and grains will be much smaller and they will grow more slowly. Optimum fermenting temperature is […]

Milk kefir gluten free pizza bread

Milk kefir gluten free pizza bread. It does not need to prove. Ingredients: Freshly ground buckwheat & ground linseed (1.5 cups each) 3 cups of glutenfree flour 1 heaped tablesp of molasses sugar 1/2 teasp of himalayan salt baking powder & baking soda ( 1/2 teasp each) 1.5 cups of milk kefir (preferably thick (double […]

Milk Kefir Porridge – Make your tummy sing… First thing

Milk Kefir Porridge

Milk Kefir Porridge Recipe: If you are after a hearty breakfast to kick off the day, try some Milk Kefir Porridge. Here’s what you need: Sprouted lentils Five grains cooked (wild rice, pearl barley, quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice) 1 ripe banana 1 apple Vanilla (pod or extract) 5 spices (Cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, nutmeg, clove) […]

Healthify and luxurify commercial cake mix

Healthify commercial cake mix

Healthify and luxurify a commercially available cake mix (gluten free)… I made this yesterday for a Saturday afternoon treat. The original recipe from the manufacturer called for ‘125ml of oil’. I have found that you can substitute the fat component of most bought cake mix recipes with delicious probiotic milk kefir. So, here is my […]

Milk Kefir Smoothy – take a walk on the wild side

Try some health-giving milk kefir as a breakfast smoothy. Add honey, cinnamon, vanilla, LSA (linseed, sunflower & almond meal) to your milk kefir. Then blend and you have you instant breakfast & probiotic source – all in one hit! Delicious!

Kefir and beetroot salad dressing

This is a delicious creamy dressing without the calories. Ingredients: kefir milk, beetroot, water kefir grains, garlic, red onion (optional), some evaporated cane juice and salt & pepper to taste and a blender (bullet or similar) How to make it…It’s very simple and quick: Firstly chop about 1/4 – 1/2 an onion, 1 medium fresh […]

Mast cell tumor reduction success

Mast cell tumor reduction success

Welcome to Pooch wellness 101. My apologies for seemingly digressing on from the topic of fermentation and kefir. I am however using the power of probiotics in the treatment of our beautiful friend of 12+ years who is currently fighting for additional time and quality of life. I’m happy to say… ‘so far so good’. […]

Water kefir grains colour – how it impacts the flavour

Water kefir grains colour - how it impacts the flavour

Water kefir grains can vary greatly in colour from a clear whitish colour to a deep honey. It all depends on what you are feeding them. The different available sugars include minerals like the molasses in cane sugar which is almost black through to refined white sugar crystals. They also impart different flavours to you […]