Probiotic Rich Cream Cheese – How to make your own

Probiotic Rich Cream Cheese - How to make your own

Another Kefir Culture Recipe – Probiotic Rich Cream Cheese:

If you make your own milk kefir, you may find that on occasion you cultivate more than you can consume. This magic probiotic drink is very versatile and one of the foods you can make after you have made your kefir milk is probiotic rich cream cheese by filtering out the whey (a clear liquid which has a tangy flavour).

What You’ll Need:

It is very simple. All you need is either a coffee filter like the one I use, or a plastic sieve.

You will also need a very tight weave cotton or linen cloth or a paper coffee filter and a container to catch the whey.

What To Do:

  • Place your filtering medium into the coffee filter or sieve place it in your bowl, then pour in the milk kefir.
  • Store the filtering setup in the fridge. It will take 1-2 days for the whey to filter through the cloth. The whey should be clear with possibly a slight yellow tinge. (Pour it into a clean glass jar and store in the fridge).
  • Once the whey is removed, you should be left with a thick, creamy kefir cheese. (You should store in the fridge in a sealed container.)

It will keep for a couple of weeks. You can also use it in recipes that call for cream cheese. (Just remember that if you want to retain the probiotic benefits it’s best not to heat it.) The kefir cream cheese will be less acidic than the milk kefir you started with as we have removed most of the whey which has the sour taste.

Kefir cream cheese is delicious in dressing, salads and as a base for dips or enjoy it as is on a crusty slice of whole grain bread or pumpernickel. I would love your feedback. You are welcome to leave comments and ask questions. Happy fermenting, Uta.

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