Fermenting Almonds Milk Kefir

Going nuts… Nuts are exceptionally versatile and add a great protein and nutrient boost to any meal as well as making a healthy snack all on their own. Almonds are one of my favorite nuts to use as they fats are more stable. I try to incorporate them into as many recipes as possible. They are also fantastic fermented and add texture and flavour to a dish. To ferment your almonds, you will need to soak your raw almonds in milk kefir whey for between 2-5 days. I prefer to store them in the fridge whilst fermenting. The longer you ferment the nuts the softer they become and the less astringent and the more sour. It also becomes easier to peel off the outer skin after 2-3 days of fermentation. I keep a batch in my fridge to use in smoothies, desserts for nut butters or just to eat them as a snack. Make sure that they are completely covered with the whey as they will oxidize and turn grey. I also try to add them to dishes at the last minute as heat destroys their beneficial fats and the probiotics they have acquired whilst fermenting. To remove the skin, remove a portion of the nuts from the jar (use plastic or wooden utensils) that you want to use and rinse under cold water. Place them on a dry tea towel or micro fibre cloth and rub them together until the skin loosens and rubs off. You can then use the nuts for cooking and compost the skins which my compost worms absolutely love.

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