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How to make consistent batches of milk kefir

Did you know? To make consistent batches of milk kefir you need to ensure that [...]

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A Milk Kefir Clay Wrap using Sodium Bentonite Clay

Milk Kefir is such a wonderfully versatile food that it is difficult to understand why [...]

Juicing 101 – Handy Tips

Getting started Juicing is a health commitment just like going to the gym. It requires [...]

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Fermenting Almonds in Milk Kefir Whey

Nuts (and seeds) are exceptionally versatile and add a great protein and nutrient boost to [...]


Fermenting Fresh Coconut Milk with Milk Kefir Grains

Did you know? Fermenting fresh coconut milk can be achieved by using milk kefir grains. [...]


Benefits of eating fermented foods and kombucha with your meal

What are the benefits of eating fermented foods and kombucha with your meal? Eating fermented [...]


Sediment in water kefir

Sediment in water kefir – Handy hints: I had someone ask me about sedimentation in [...]

Water kefir 101 – Second fermentation tip

Water kefir 101 – Day 2 of 2nd fermentation at room temperature. Once you have [...]


Water Kefir for pets … they will love it

Water Kefir for pets is worth consideration. Another batch of delicious water kefir ready to [...]


Big water kefir – how large is yours?

Do you have large water kefir grains? How large should they be? Well, that depends. The [...]