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Why are my water kefir grains floating?

Water kefir grains often float in the liquid they are fermenting, which is completely normal [...]

Types of water – which are best for your kefir grains?

It’s all about the water… Not all water is the same… especially when it comes [...]

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Sediment in water kefir

Sediment in water kefir – Handy hints: I had someone ask me about sedimentation in [...]

Water kefir 101 – Second fermentation tip

Water kefir 101 – Day 2 of 2nd fermentation at room temperature. Once you have [...]


Water Kefir for pets … they will love it

Water Kefir for pets is worth consideration. Another batch of delicious water kefir ready to [...]


Kefir and beetroot salad dressing

A Kefir and beetroot salad dressing can provide several benefits for your health: Probiotic benefits: [...]

Water kefir grains colour – how it impacts the flavour

Water kefir grains can vary greatly in colour from a clear whitish colour to a [...]

Double Decker Breakfast Smoothie with Water Kefir

This breakfast smoothie is loaded with vitamins, minerals, and probiotics from the fresh fruits and [...]

Add water kefir to your diet – here’s why

Here’s why you should add water kefir to your diet … Water kefir is an [...]