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Tomato Salsa with Milk Kefir Whey

Making tomato salsa with milk kefir is an idea for converting your oversupply of tomatoes into [...]


Juicing 101 – Handy Tips

Getting started Juicing is a health commitment just like going to the gym. It requires [...]

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Milk kefir fruit & veggie smoothie

Summer freshness in a jar – milk kefir fruit & veggie smoothie Three layers of [...]

Whey fermented almond and walnut butter

Here is a recipe for whey fermented almond and walnut butter with organic molasses, Celtic [...]

Sediment in water kefir

Sediment in water kefir – Handy hints: I had someone ask me about sedimentation in [...]

Water kefir 101 – Second fermentation tip

Water kefir 101 – Day 2 of 2nd fermentation at room temperature. Once you have [...]


Quinoa & dill pancake stack with fermented raw almonds

Quinoa & dill pancake stack with fermented raw almonds: I don’t like to spend hours [...]

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Water Kefir for pets … they will love it

Water Kefir for pets is worth consideration. Another batch of delicious water kefir ready to [...]


Milk Kefir Smoothie – take a walk on the wild side

Try some health-giving milk kefir as a breakfast smoothie. Here’s a recipe for a Milk [...]

Water kefir grains colour – how it impacts the flavour

Water kefir grains can vary greatly in colour from a clear whitish colour to a [...]