Water kefir 101 – Second fermentation tip

Water kefir 101 – Day 2 of 2nd fermentation at room temperature.

Once you have completed the initial fermentation which includes the grains, strain the brew, and at this point you can decanter it into bottles. Pop on an airtight lid and let it stand for a further 2 days+ to build up carbonation. Then refrigerate.

(Ensure you continue to release some of the build up pressure every few days or so to avoid bottles exploding.)

4 thoughts on “Water kefir 101 – Second fermentation tip

  1. Pauline says:

    Thank you for the brilliant instructions, I bought some water kefir grains and they have been performing brilliantly (I have a huge bottle of them in my fridge, they’re multiplying so fast!). I’ve tried water kefir twice before and it hasn’t worked, so I’m really happy to have bought grains that are thriving with the excellent instructions you provided. I’ve just bought the milk kefir and I’m excited to try it! Thanks!

  2. rosinaclaxton says:

    My family and I have just enjoyed our first glass of Kefir water! Delicious! Looking forward to experimenting with the different fruit flavours. Thanks Uta.

  3. gaylejames says:

    Bought the water kefir grains and they are working beautifully. Love the fizzy drink and are experimenting with different fruit juices, this stuff is addictive and it’s good for me, yay!!

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