Sediment in water kefir

Sediment in water kefir – Handy hints:

I had someone ask me about sedimentation in water kefir the other day…

‘Is there something wrong with my water kefir if it is cloudy or there is sediment in the bottom after the first and second fermentation?’

The simple answer is ‘No’. The sediment is created during the first fermentation. It is not harmful and does not effect the taste of your water kefir. If you don’t like the look of it or your children are put off by the look. (We all know how finicky they can be!) You can reduce it and end up with a clearer liquid.

I recommend that you strain the water kefir after the first fermentation using a tight-weave cloth after you have first removed the water kefir grains. If you are not doing a second fermentation in another jar, I suggest bottling your kefir water straight away and adding about a tablespoon of maple syrup per litre bottle. The maple syrup will continue to feed the bacteria suspended in your kefir water. As part of the continued fermentation carbonation will occur and add some natural fizz to this tasty probiotic drink.


Just make sure that you release some of the pressure on a regular basis to avoid your bottles exploding!

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