Water Kefir for pets … they will love it

Water Kefir for pets is worth consideration. Another batch of delicious water kefir ready to ferment for 2 days before it is decantered and goes through second fermentation where I add dried or fresh fruit or spices to impart additional flavours. Kefir water is a lighter probiotic per volume of liquid compared to milk kefir which is why you can consume considerably more of it than milk kefir. It’s quite ok to drink 1-2 litres of water kefir daily. Just be sure that is is quite tart and dry tasting (like a good wine) as the sugar should have been consumed by the beneficial bacteria and yeast as it ferments. If you drink considerable quantities it’s important that it is low in sugar or has no sugar.

Our dogs love drinking about a 1/2 a cup per day. I leave their brew to stand without a lit to stop carbonation. This also seems to reduce the alcoholic content which is not preferable for our pets. I also add the water kefir grains to their food. The grains also contain probiotics as well as beneficial oils & fats vitamins and minerals. They are quite bland in flavour, so when mixed into the your pets food well are undetectable. They will add probiotics to their gut and assist with their digestion and general wellness.

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I want to give water kefir to my Husky, and am using it myself.
I need as little sugar left as possible as, as I am trying to get rid of fungi (candida) on my lungs and sugar is also not good for pets.
How do I know that the sugar has been used up in the fermentation process?
I’m currently using Goor (natural cane sugar/panela). Have tried honey and stevia sugar crystals, but both are not creating bubbles.
I wound appreciate your advice.
Tks Thom

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