Healthify and luxurify – commercial cake mix

Healthify commercial cake mix

Healthify and luxurify a commercially available cake mix (gluten free)… I made this yesterday for a Saturday afternoon treat.

The original recipe from the manufacturer called for ‘125ml of oil’. I have found that you can substitute the fat component of most bought cake mix recipes with delicious probiotic milk kefir.

So, here is my version:

  • Orange cake mix (gluten free), as per recipe on box
  • added  2 eggs
  • replaced oil/fat and liquid portions of the recipe on the box with probiotic milk kefir (for additional flavour I added the rind of an orange and 2 tblsp of poppy seeds)
  • lined the cake tin with grated coconut… and there you have it.

Less calories, healthier, more delicious and super easy.

BTW… It tastes as delicious as it looks in the photos.

Uta Heidelauf
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