Mast cell tumor reduction success

Mast cell tumor reduction success

Welcome to Pooch wellness 101. My apologies for seemingly digressing on from the topic of fermentation and kefir. I am however using the power of probiotics in the treatment of our beautiful friend of 12+ years who is currently fighting for additional time and quality of life. I’m happy to say… ‘so far so good’.

Axel is now on his second week of his mast cell tumor reduction with some very high doses (70mgs per day) of Prednisolone. His amazingly his massive tumour of 10cm has shrunk by half in the first 2 days and is currently on 3.5cm.

As part of his regime he is also taking proton pump inhibitors. One of the unwanted side effects of prednisolone is that it robs him of much of his mucus protection in his stomach and gut. Hence, he requires his stomach acid to be lowered so that he does not suffer from ulcers. This however makes it very difficult to digest food properly.

I have chosen to alter his diet (both our dogs are on a raw food diet). No bones, oat porridge or protein powder. Meats are cooked and minced. Vegetables are par-cooked and minced. I also add half a cup of water kefir grains to each meal as well as digestive enzymes, ground linseed, coconut cream and a cup of milk kefir. I do this 2-3 times per day… so far it seems to be working.

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