Juicing 101 – Handy Tips

Juicing 101

Getting started

Juicing is a health commitment just like going to the gym. It requires effort at first. It’s when you hit that threshold when you have established a routine and feel the benefit it brings that it becomes easy to stay with this new behaviour. Juicing is much the same.

It can require some effort initially. So it’s important to find a combo that is easy to put together, you can feel the benefits and tastes great.

Once you feel the benefits, it becomes easier to keep going and then the fun starts when you play with new ingredients.

Uta Heidelauf
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I am currently in the Portland OR area visit my mom. I was hoping to find some water kefir grains while I am here, so I can each her how to brew before heading back to England. Do you have a resource local to this area where I could get done healthy grains?

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